We Need a Funding System Built for Tomorrow, not 1940

March 29th, 2018

Author: Paul Herdman

An enormous and growing number of Delaware students—including those learning English, have special needs, or come from low-income families—aren’t being properly served by our state’s school funding system. This issue has been thrust back into the spotlight thanks to a high-profile civil rights lawsuit, and the ongoing heightened...

Digging Deeper: Five Ways Delaware’s Funding System Doesn’t Add Up

March 19th, 2018

Author: Shyanne Miller

  Delaware invests more than a billion dollars a year in public education, but our state’s method for allocating dollars, many argue, raises serious questions about transparency, efficiency, and equity. The questions aren’t going away, either. Delaware’s public education spending has only grown over the years as student enrollment...

What We’re Reading: Artist Shares the Spotlight with School-to-Prison Pipeline

March 12th, 2018

Author: Rachel Wiggans Chan

    What I’m Reading Watching: Notes from the Field, a one-woman show by Anna Deavere Smith   In developing Notes from the Field, Tony and Pulitzer Prize nominee Anna Deavere Smith interviewed more than 200 people living and working within the fields of education and criminal justice, including parents...

5 Headscratchers About Kindergarten Registration in Delaware

March 2nd, 2018

Author: Diane Frentzel

Kindergarten registration in Delaware is a notoriously confusing process for parents, with piles of paperwork that differ from district to district and charter to charter, along with varying deadlines for registration and school choice.   There is some hope on the horizon, as for the first time,  the Delaware Readiness Teams have taken...