Race to the Top Handicapping

March 12th, 2010

Author: Michael Rasmussen

While no one knows exactly how many states will be winners in the first round of Race to the Top, it’s down to 16 and predictions are starting to circle for how the finalists stack up.  Delaware looks pretty good across the board. The national predictions we have seen (Education Week, Partnership for Learning, Foundation for Education...

Yelling “Fire”

February 5th, 2010

Author: Paul Herdman

Dear Friends, Turning around low performing schools is finally getting some traction, but this is going to be a steep learning curve. As one of my board members said last week, “Those buildings have been burning for years, but no one’s been yelling, ‘Fire.’” The question is, “Do we know how to put it out?”...

NCLB might get a look in 2010!

February 1st, 2010

Author: Michael Rasmussen

The Obama administration has fired its first shot at the reauthorization of NCLB.  Not lots of details available yet, but we can expect to see conversation about AYP targets, end goals, and Title I funding.  Chances are this effort will build off a lot of the same reforms we have seen in the Race to the Top, School Improvement, and State...

Education is critical to creating jobs, better futures

January 28th, 2010

Author: Sarah Grunewald

In last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama focused on one of his top priorities -- the creation of jobs for the American people. He also made it clear that in order to be competitive, attract new industries, and spur great innovations in America, “we need to invest in the skills and education of our people.”...