RODEL’S EQUITY COMMITMENT: Rodel centers its actions around racial equity and equitable ways of thinking and working. We are committed to engaging in our work as a member of the Delaware community and grounding our work in Delaware’s unique context and history. In order to transform education, we must take the time to look at what equity means to our work and our daily lives, and adjust our work accordingly. 

At Rodel, we believe: 

  • The role we play is important. Rodel strengthens Delaware’s public education system and workforce by connecting partners to advance and implement sustainable solutions. Through this mission, we will work to be a transformational catalyst for lasting change. Students and families will always be at the center of that work. 
  • In living our principles in practice. We want our principles to match up with our values. Therefore, we are committed to practicing our values as we work to support an excellent and equitable public education system that supports all Delawareans to achieve success in school and life. Through these values, we will uplift the voices of those we seek to serve. We will also be willing to question, move toward action, learn and unlearn, admit when we miss the mark, and expand our perspective.  
  • Turning inward is healthy. It’s critical that we take a look at ourselves, now and in the future. As a team, we are committed to prioritizing actions that intentionally build and retain a diverse and inclusive staff and board that reflects our state. To this end, we regularly celebrate our personal and professional accomplishments and rich diversity. 
  • Where we are going will continue to evolve. We will continue to improve and hold ourselves accountable by identifying concrete diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals, collaborating with equity-centered colleagues and organizations who can help Rodel accomplish these goals, and holding ourselves to measurable commitments to create accountability. 

Rodel aims to strengthen all of our work by expanding our partnerships to be more inclusive of the Delawareans we seek to serve. Rodel is committed to transparency in how equity, accessibility, and inclusion play out in our work externally and internally. We will continue to revisit our goals, reflect on our actions, and approach our work through this lens to ensure we are building equity all around us.