Discover a few of the partners working with Rodel to transform Delaware’s public education system.

Rodel Educator Network

Open to all educators! The Rodel Educator Network (REN) is a forum for Delaware educators dedicated to finding solutions to key issues in education. It is an opportunity for educators to leverage their voices for the benefit of their students and the education profession.    The REN (formerly known as the RTN or Rodel Teacher Network)  is open to all public school educators of any grade level or subject, as well as counselors, support staff, and other non-administrators who contribute to the education and development of students. Those with an interest in learning more about education policy conversations and improving Delaware schools should join!  **Note: The exclusion of public-school administrators is to provide a safe space for educators.** Sign up for our quarterly newsletter   Frequently Asked Questions Who is this for? REN is for any public school educators, counselors, support staff, and other non-administrators interested in learning more about the education policy conversations, connecting with others in the field, and improving Delaware’s schools.  Why should I join? REN convenes educators, lending them a platform through which they can share their valuable expertise and experiences. Benefits include:  Connecting with fellow educators to gather input and shaping decisions on education in Delaware  Developing deeper understanding of the political and policy context on key education issues that impact classrooms and students every day.  Learning about and potentially participating in the policy process in Delaware  How do I connect? Simply add your name to our email list and share some of your interests and background via this registration form. What are the requirements? The REN is here to bring together teachers on key education issues and provide opportunities for teachers to discuss education policy topics. There is no formal requirement to attend a meeting or pay dues. Stay tuned to your email or the REN website for more detail and registration for events.   Highlights and Resources The Rodel Educator Network is the continuation of Rodel’s efforts to engage on important issues affecting its work, and helped set the course for education improvement in Delaware. The network has received recognition from both national and local leaders over the years for their involvement in projects related to college and career readiness, early learning, social and emotional learning, equity and funding, and teacher quality and preparation. Here are some highlights of the network’s past work and the resources page. Culturally Responsive Leadership in Schools, a resource and worksheet for educators by Chantalle Ashford, Tameka Wingo, Melodie Miller, and Melissa Morris (2023) Defining Leadership Roles and Retaining Teachers of Color, a policy brief by Chantalle Ashford, Melodie Miller, Melissa Morris, and Tameka Wingo (2023) Blueprint on Personalized Learning in Delaware (2014) Educators Speak Up: Social and Emotional Learning in Delaware (2017) Frequently Asked Questions: Competency-based Learning and Competency-based Transcripts (2018) Bridging the Bi-Literacy Gap with Emily Edmonds-Eveland (2017 video profile) The New Generation of Vo-Tech with Jermaine Williams (2017 video profile) Mystery Skype with Lisa Mims (2017 video profile)


Education Equity Delaware

The Education Equity Delaware coalition consists of organizations committed to excellent and equitable education opportunities for all Delaware students—and who believe the foundation of an equitable education is the funding system.


Delaware Pathways

Delaware Pathways ensures all youth have the opportunity to fulfill their educational goals and career aspirations through programs like adult education and occupational training.


Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee

The Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee (DBREC) is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve public education by aggregating and aligning the resources of Roundtable members and other business leaders.


Delaware Readiness Teams

The Delaware Readiness Teams are a statewide initiative of volunteer-based teams that strengthen communities at local levels and help children from birth through age eight get ready for school and life.


Vision Coalition of Delaware

The Vision Coalition of Delaware is a public-private partnership composed of a broad range of Delawareans who work together to improve the state’s public education.


First State Pre-K

First State Pre-K is a non-partisan issue campaign to ensure every child in Delaware has access to a highquality pre-kindergarten program—and families can more easily afford these services for their children.



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