Early Childhood Education


UD Club Provides Support for Delaware Kids

December 8th, 2015

Author: Haley Qaissaunee

The University of Delaware (UD) has hundreds of clubs, or Resident Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus. One RSO in particular echoes Delaware efforts, as well as national efforts, to serve and help young children. The Student Association for the Education of Young Children (SAEYC)—mirrored after DAEYC and NAEYC—is a club that links students...

Striving for Social-Emotional Success

October 7th, 2015


By Michelle Wilson, Rodel Teacher Council   A few weeks ago, Tricia Dallas, my colleague on the Rodel Teacher Council, wrote a post about the importance of social emotional learning in her preschool class. As a kindergarten teacher, I’ve always been drawn to Robert Fulgum’s findings in, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in...

Looking Forward to the 8th Annual Conference on Education

October 1st, 2015

Author: Nancy Millard

Classrooms are changing and students are learning in new and different ways. As a parent, I am energized to hear about the great things happening in our schools. I’ve seen my daughter study for her AP World History exam with on-line quiz apps on her phone and my son make movies with an iPad as a way to learn new vocabulary words. Their teachers...

Rodel Teacher Newsletter: Kicking Off the School Year

September 17th, 2015

Author: Liz Hoyt

Kick off the school year with some great events, resources, and tips from the latest edition of the Rodel Teacher Newsletter:   Create a Student-Powered Project with THINK IT UP. In partnership with DonorsChoose.org, THINK IT UP invites public school students in grades seven through 12 to develop student-powered, teacher-led crowdfunded...