Student-Centered Learning


Ten Ways Coaching Helps in the Classroom

January 9th, 2017


Rodel Teacher Council member Jared Lelito teaches math in an inclusion classroom at Fred Fifer III Middle School in the Caesar Rodney School District. In addition to teaching, Jared coaches football, basketball, and baseball for the Caesar Rodney High School Riders. During his time in the Caesar Rodney School District, Lelito discovered a few...

Delaware Goes To Harvard: Interview with Kimberly Neal

December 22nd, 2016


In July 2016, Rodel Teacher Council member and secondary English teacher Kimberly Neal attended Project Zero with 15 of her Brandywine High School (BHS) colleagues. The Harvard Club of Delaware graciously provided the group with a full scholarship to attend the three day workshop. Kimberly and her colleagues spent their time rotating through a...

10 Education Stories We Loved in 2016

December 19th, 2016


As 2016 winds to a close, the team at Rodel looked back and gathered some of our favorite and most momentous education stories of the year. What was your favorite? Comment below.   A Jolt of Blue-Collar Hope New York Times - November 22nd In Delaware, where oil refineries and auto plants were once prevalent, Governor Jack Markell and a...

3 Helpful Resources for Teaching English Learners

November 30th, 2016

Author: Neil Kirschling

Did you know that more than 11,000 English learner students attend Delaware schools, representing more than 100 different languages? Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Bishop, an English as a Second Language teacher in the Brandywine School District who also serves as treasurer and membership chair of Delaware English Language...