Vision Coalition of Delaware

The Vision Coalition of Delaware is a public-private partnership composed of a broad range of Delawareans who work together to improve the state’s public education.

In 2006, the coalition’s leadership developed Vision 2015 —the nationally-acclaimed plan to transform Delaware’s public school system. Within ten years, Delaware enacted more than 75% of the plan recommendations. This plan helped inform the state’s efforts to raise academic standards, strengthen teacher preparation, and expand early learning.

Starting in January 2014, 4,000 Delawareans shared their ideas, perspectives, and opinions during the planning stages for a new 10-year plan. The result was Student Success 2025. An expanded public education roadmap to prepare every Delaware student for a lifetime of success.

Rodel first convened the Vision Coalition in 2006 and continues to staff and support the coalition’s efforts. Our president and CEO Paul Herdman is one of 14 members of the Leadership Team of education, business, government and community leaders from across the state that developed Vision 2015 in 2006, and Student Success 2025 in 2015. The guiding priorities outlined in the North Star and Six Core Areas of Student Success 2025 are central to our work.