Personalized Learning

The common school model—a teacher in front of the classroom with students at desks—has been used since the Industrial Revolution. Building on strong instructional practices like data-driven decision making and differentiation, personalized learning offers an opportunity to redesign our learning environments so that individual students are at the center. In addition to providing stakeholders with information on best practices, we are working to support school districts throughout the state to increase personalized learning opportunities, train teachers, and create “model classrooms” where teachers can see this work being implemented in real time.  

Rodel Teacher Council policy briefs (2016)

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  • Delaware Department of Education’s Digital Learning Cadre: This cadre is a partnership with the purpose of promoting digital learning and exploring, designing and modeling professional development that utilizes best practices in instructional technology.
  • Education Technology Task Force: In May 2015, Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 22 established a Task Force on educational technology in Delaware to ensure that all Delaware students have access to modern and effective educational technologies that enhance learning and promote college and career readiness.
  • Student Success 2025 (Vision Coalition, 2015): Includes policy recommendations for personalized learning