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Daily Education News- 10/15/12

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October 12th, 2012

Local News The News Journal World-class schools are here - in Delaware An op-ed by Paul Herdman The day-to-day classroom teaching we saw from Helsinki to Singapore didn't look a lot different from what I've seen in strong schools from Indian River to Red Clay. The difference is that they systematically took what worked and then made it the norm. I...


Blog Addresses Fundamental Teaching Issues

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July 31st, 2012

As a foundation committed to helping Delaware create world-class public schools, I was pleased with the recent state and national assessment results. Yet to see the lasting changes we really need to see, I believe we need to fundamentally rethink our state’s whole strategy to finding and keeping its best teachers.  Therefore, I was pleasantly...


July 10, 2012


July 10th, 2012

National News The New York Times The opportunity gap An op-ed by David Brooks Equal opportunity, once core to the nation’s identity, is now a tertiary concern. According to a study by Harvard’s Robert Putnam, a generation ago, working-class parents spent slightly more time with their kids than college-educated parents. Now college-educated...


Lessons From Abroad: Connecting international best practices to Delaware

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April 17th, 2012

I just got back from a trip to Europe last week, my first time overseas. And while I won’t bore you with the details (except one below), reading this article published by The Atlantic highlights something that hit home for me during my trip. In our current education reform debate, we shouldn’t hesitate to look locally and globally to find...