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Tennessee Provides Hope (and Guidance) to Delaware

News, Policy and Practice

April 6th, 2011

Tennessee has made tremendous progress implementing its education reform agenda - but still has a long way to go towards achieving their goal of building the top education system in the southeast by 2015 - according to Tennessee SCORE’s 2010 Annual Report: The State of Education in Tennessee. The report is a vivid reminder that Delaware is well...


Khan Academy: A New Tool in Teachers’ Toolkits?


April 5th, 2011

At the Khan Academy you can learn just about anything, from the anatomy of a neuron to the French Revolution to the details of Henry Paulson’s 2008 bailout plan—all without leaving the house. Founder Sal Khan describes his non-profit, online instructional website as a stand-alone virtual school that anyone can learn anything from, for free...