February 8, 2013

February 8th, 2013

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Local News

The News Journal
Follow along today to learn more about STEM education
Today Nichole Dobo is in Baltimore for an event hosted by the Education Writers Association. It’s called Under the Microscope: Examining STEM Education.

National News

Education Sector
A Los Angeles High School illustrates the strengths and challenges of blended learning 
Washington, D.C.—Blended learning, an innovative educational model that combines online with traditional instruction is starting to take hold across the country as a means for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting student achievement.  A new article from Education Sector, The Right Mix: How One Los Angeles School is Blending a Curriculum for Personalized Learning, profiles an East Los Angeles charter school, the Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High School, which illustrates both the strengths and the challenges of implementing this radical new way of educating students.

Education Week
Teachers’ ratings still high despite new measures
Even with changes to evaluation systems, only subtle differences emerge between the best and the weakest teachers—as well as all those in the middle.

The New York Times
A long struggle for equality in schools
Looking back at the school desegregation case he took as a young lawyer, Rubin Salter Jr. sees a pile of wasted money and squandered opportunities. After almost four decades in court and nearly $1 billion in public spending, little has changed for the black children whose right to a good education he had labored to defend.

Success of immigrants’ children measured
Americans who were born to immigrant parents, many of them the adult children of an enormous wave of immigrants who began arriving in the 1960s, are doing better than the foreign born on important measures of socioeconomic success, and in at least one area — education — have outperformed the population as a whole.

Education News
Connecticut likely to ease into new teacher evaluations
Connecticut administrators and teachers may win some reprieve in the push to start using a new teacher evaluation system. Writing in The Hartford Courant, Kathleen Megan explains that while the system will be in use next year, the Board of Education is considering a proposal to allow districts to phase it in more gradually.

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