June 17, 2013

June 17th, 2013

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Local News

The News Journal
Markell seeks $31 million more for education in budget
Gov. Jack Markell’s proposed budget includes no new education cuts and some new money, garnering some positive vibes from district officials struggling with tight budgets. Under Markell’s budget, which is expected to be introduced this week, Delaware public schools would receive $31 million in new funding, according to spokeswoman Cathy Rossi. “It is an economic imperative and moral obligation to give every Delaware student the best chance to acquire the most valuable skills for colleges and careers,” Markell said in a statement

Investment in early education may be best crime-prevention tool
An opinion by Harriet Dichter and Drewry Nash Fennell
As the News Journal’s Sunday lead story made clear, crime has a high cost for us all. Delaware’s criminal justice system is working hard at the state and local level to reduce recidivism and increase public safety. In addition to those immediate efforts, though, there is an effective, long-term way to help curb crime: An investment in quality early education for all of Delaware’s young children.

Teachers’ union maintains support of charter reform bill
A bill seeking to reform Delaware’s charter schools has a backer in the form of the state’s public school teachers union. The measure would revamp the charter school application process and provide a competitive fund for capital projects.

The Dover Post
New construction may be necessary to relieve CR district overcrowding
Members of a citizen’s committee formed to study the future of the Caesar Rodney School District turned in their report Wednesday night during a special school board meeting held at the W. Reily Brown Elementary School. The Resource Development Committee, made up of parents, teachers, staff members and district residents, told the board that the district’s increasing student population, which is outstripping the number of available classrooms, must be addressed in the near future.

National News

The New York Times
Schooling ourselves in an unequal America
An opinion by Rebecca Strauss
Averages can be misleading. The familiar, one-dimensional story told about American education is that it was once the best system in the world but that now it’s headed down the drain, with piles of money thrown down after it.

Chicago Public School System lays off 850 in move to cut budget
Nearly 850 Chicago Public Schools employees received layoff notices on Friday, hours after officials said they had identified $52 million in administrative and operational cuts to help close an estimated $1 billion deficit in the coming fiscal year.

Budget cuts reach bone for Philadelphia schools
When a second grader came to the Andrew Jackson School too agitated to eat breakfast on Friday, an aide alerted the school counselor, who engaged him in an art project in her office. When he was still overwrought at 11, a secretary called the boy’s family, and soon a monitor at the front door buzzed in an older brother to take him home. Under a draconian budget passed by the Philadelphia School District last month, none of these supporting players — aide, counselor, secretary, security monitor — will remain at the school by September, nor will there be money for books, paper, a nurse or the school’s locally celebrated rock band.

Education Week
Questions arise about need for Algebra 2 for all
Should all students take Algebra 2? Florida seemed to say “no” this spring with the passage of a law striking it from graduation requirements. Texas said much the same in legislation Republican Gov. Rick Perry signed this week that also backs away from Algebra 2 for all. Those steps come as the Common Core State Standards for math set the expectation that all students should meet learning objectives at what’s generally considered the Algebra 2 level.

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