June 27, 2013

June 27th, 2013

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Local News

Gov. Markell signs charter school reform into law
A proposal revamping the Delaware charter school application and review process is now law. Governor Jack Markell (D) signed the bill Wednesday, fulfilling another promise he made in his State of the State address in January. Markell calls the bill the result of a successful collaboration between all parties, including the state public school teachers union.

National News

Education Week
Affirmative-Action ruling could complicate diversity efforts
The U.S. Supreme Court’s modest decision in a high-profile college affirmative-action case is being welcomed by educators from K-12 through higher education as a reaffirmation of racial diversity as a compelling educational interest. But even the staunchest foes of race-conscious educational policies, who admit some disappointment that the court did not go further to limit them, saw a glass half full in language that will make it harder for schools and colleges to justify race preferences in the courts.

Walpole Times
Schools to address development mandates, Walpole initiatives
By Sept. 1, Walpole must have an educator evaluation model in place that meets state criteria. According to Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations, the new initiative is designed to promote teacher and administrative development while placing student learning at the center.

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