September 13, 2012

September 13th, 2012

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Local News

WHYY First
Updating Delaware charter school law
An appointed group is taking a second look at the Delaware Charter School Law which was established nearly 17 years ago.

EdWatch: Red Clay, Delaware Tech offer construction program
Delaware Tech has teamed up with the Red Clay School District for a work training program. The Construction and Renovation Certificate Program allows McKean and Dickinson High School students to learn carpentry, plumbing, and other skills.

National News

The New York Times
Students over unions
An op-ed by Nicholas Kristof
The most important civil rights battleground today is education, and, likewise, the most crucial struggle against poverty is the one fought in schools. America’s education system has become less a ladder of opportunity than a structure to transmit inequity from one generation to the next. That’s why school reform is so critical.

San Jose Mercury News
Report: Calif. needs to revamp teaching profession   
A California task force report said the state has focused too heavily on holding teachers accountable for test scores without properly equipping them. Teacher evaluations should include measures of student learning and a career ladder, the task force suggested. Teachers should be encouraged to earn additional credentials in high-need fields, and stipends should be paid to teachers who work in inner-city or rural schools.

Education Week
Study finds U.S. trailing in preschool enrollment  
The United States lags behind most of the world’s leading economies when it comes to providing early-childhood education opportunities to young children, according to an OECD study. The United States ranks 28th out of 38 countries for the share of 4-year-olds enrolled in pre-primary education programs. The United States also invests significantly less public money in early learning than its counterparts


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