Data Governance Bill Introduced in House

June 27th, 2011

Category: Early Childhood Education

House Bill 213, which is on the Delaware House agenda tomorrow, takes the first step in fulfilling our Race to the Top promises around data governance.

House Bill 213 accomplishes the following:

  • Extends P-20 Council’s focus past high school to “postsecondary study” and “careers”;
  • Adds Secretaries from the Department of Labor, Services for Children, Youth, and their Families, Health and Human Services, President of the Delaware State Education Association, and President of the Charter School Network to the P-20 Council;
  • Empowers the Delaware DOE to utilize data to evaluate the success of programs;
  • Provides the Delaware DOE authority to establish regulations regarding the use of data, in coordination with the P-20 Council and Interagency Resource Management Committee and with consent of the State Board;
  • Requires Delaware higher education institutions to report records of student learning; and
  • Allows parents and eligible students access to their education records.

Moving forward, the Delaware Department of Education must next establish both inter- and intra-agency governance councils, as proposed in our RTTT plan, to monitor the progress and development of our data system and dashboard  in order to ensure that relevant information is available to all stakeholders with appropriate privacy concerns.  This will enable us to continually monitor the progress of students from cradle to career, provide timely help to struggling students, and evaluate the impact of various programs to ensure public dollars are spent on successful initiatives.   

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Brett Turner



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