New State ESSA Draft; Rodel’s Role

January 11th, 2017

Category: News, Policy and Practice

News broke this week that the Delaware Department of Education is sharing its next draft of the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act plan for public feedback.

“Educators, parents, and other community members across the state devoted significant time and thought over the past few months to help us shape our plan. We appreciate their time and efforts and look forward to continued collaboration in the coming months as we finalize our plan,” Secretary of Education Steve Godowsky said in a press release.

For its part, the Rodel Foundation of Delaware has joined with 23 other community and advocacy organizations urging Sec. Godowski to consider a series of principles and recommendations tied to ESSA that could strengthen Delaware’s education system.

Click here to read the coalition’s October 26th letter, which outlines core principles such as a strong accountability system, transparency, and keeping students and student learning at the center of the education system.

And click here to read the group’s January 6th letter, which focuses in part on long-term goals and measures of student progress.

With the latest state ESSA draft comes more opportunities for the public to engage and share feedback and ideas. An electronic feedback form is live on DDOE’s website. Two ESSA discussion groups also continue to meet as does the Governor’s ESSA Advisory Committee. Information about all of these opportunities is available on the state’s ESSA website.  Feedback and questions also can be sent to Public comment on this version of the draft will be accepted until February 10th.

Matt Amis