Opportunities Abound in Delaware Education

November 7th, 2013

Category: Policy and Practice

Delaware is an exceptional state in search of exceptional teachers and leaders. The state is at the forefront of cutting-edge education reform and uniquely positioned to be a model for the nation. Education stakeholders are committed to transforming Delaware into the best education system in the country, and we need world-class teachers and leaders to pull it off.

It truly is an exciting time for public education and are are numerous opportunities to join or further engage in this effort:

Jobs Abound

We’re hiring! We’re currently seeking a Program Officer to join our policy team. The Program Officer is responsible for providing leadership, strategic input, and management of Rodel and outside partner projects on various topics, with a focus on human capital and personalization. The role requires strong critical thinking, analytic, management, and leadership skills, a roll-up-your-sleeves mentality, good judgment, and the ability to manage complex local and national partnerships. More information and application instruction here.

The Delaware Department of Education launched www.joindelawareschools.org, a teacher recruitment portal that gives applicants a one-stop site to learn about education jobs in the state.

In addition to these open teaching positions on joindelawareschools.org, the Delaware Department of Education has several open positions:

  • Director, Career and Technical Education and STEM Initiatives, Delaware Department of Education: Position description and application instruction here.
  • Education Associate, English/Language Arts and Literacy, Delaware Department of Education: Position description and application instruction here.
  • Education Associate, Technology Resources and Data Development, Delaware Department of Education: Position description and application instruction here.
  • Education Specialist, District Support, Delaware Department of Education: Position description and application instruction here.
  • Deputy Officer, School Leadership Strategy, Teacher & Leader Effectiveness Unit (TLEU), Delaware Department of Education: Position description and application instruction here.
  • Chief Accountability Officer, Delaware Department of Education: Position description and application instruction here.

Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Scale your impact: Apply for the Delaware Dream Team

The Delaware Department of Education, in partnership with LearnZillion, in partnership with the Delaware Department of Education, is seeking select 40 talented teachers from across the state to join a Delaware Dream Team. They are looking for teachers who want to broaden their impact, learn from content experts, and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. Selected teachers will work with LearnZillion’s Common Core coaches and their Delaware colleagues in online Professional Learning Communities in the winter and spring of 2014, with the goal of creating original formative assessment tools and resources, which will be published and made available to all Delaware teachers on LearnZillion.com. Selected teachers will also attend “TeachFest,” a 2.5 day kick-off event in early January where the Dream Team will meet with coaches and colleagues, dive into the standards, and begin building a community of Delaware Common Core ambassadors. In addition to Common Core professional development, teachers will also receive a $500 stipend. Read about Dover High School teacher Zubia Majeed’s experience on the Dream Team here.

Applications are due this Monday, November 11, 2013, 11:59pm EST. Learn more and begin your application at delawaredreamteam.fluidreview.com. Questions? Email posie.wood@learnzillion.com.

Aspiring Delaware School Leaders: Apply for the Delaware Leadership Project

The Delaware Leadership Project (DLP), an intensive, full-time, 14-month training program for aspiring school leaders that is the state’s first alternate route to principal certification, is now accepting applicants for its 2014 cohort. The program is run by Innovative Schools, a non-profit public school resource center, under the oversight of the Delaware Department of Education. Each aspiring principal will be required to commit to three years of working as a principal or assistant principal in one of Delaware’s high-need schools.

With over 56% of applications coming from outside the state of Delaware, DLP has become a nationally recognized program. The four members of the 2013 cohort were selected through a competitive application process consisting of over 100 applications.

Hope Street Group Seeks Teachers for Fellowship

The Hope Street Group is currently seeking teacher applicants for its National Teacher Fellowship. Candidates for this program are classroom teachers and instructional coaches who are leaders among their peers and who want to contribute their ideas and expertise in helping shape national policy. They participate in meaningful online and in-person dialogue with other outstanding educators from across the country to share about their experiences with reform and advocate for education policy changes, focusing on educator effectiveness.

National Teacher Fellows serve as local and national spokespeople for educators’ ideas and perspectives. They have opportunities to learn about other state reform efforts; learn media skills and receive support in writing blog posts, op-eds, and letters to the editor; meet directly with leading policymakers to share teacher views and to present educator-generated solutions; and receive invitations to national educator voice events.

The application deadline is next Friday, November 15. To apply, click here.

Stanford Offers Fellowships for New Teachers

A new fellowship at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education aims to encourage, support, and recognize highly motivated early career-teachers, providing them with rich learning opportunities with colleagues nationwide. The two-year Stanford Hollyhock Fellowship for Teachers will bring 100 high school teachers from low-income schools to Stanford for two weeks of residential summer workshops that include courses taught by university scholars and expert practitioners. Fellows will also receive continuing support during the school year through online coaching and mentoring.

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