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October 7th, 2011

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The Partnership Zone timeline is a tight one (the first submission deadline is Nov. 17), so by necessity a lot must happen each week. Here are the latest updates as of Oct. 7 (for previous updates and analysis/information on the PZ, click here).

Capital’s school board has decided upon a “transformation” model for Dover HS and currently has school- and community-based teams working on both a plan as well as a media/publicity plan for implementation. They have published talking points for students and teachers, and had a special board meeting on Oct. 5 that included an update on PZ plans. Their next board meeting is at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Christina’s school board will decide on the model for Bayard and Bancroft at their next school board meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, Oct. 11. They have had a number of community meetings and forums and seem to be considering a number of options, including some of the more innovative ideas seen so far. For Bayard, the idea of a 6-12 expansion is on the table with a college and/or STEM focus. For Bancroft, a K-8 expansion with a dual-academy Montessori and Arts program is being considered (along with the “transformation” model).

Red Clay’s school board has decided upon a “transformation” model for their three schools (Lewis, Marbrook, and Stanton) and had the last of their PZ community meetings on Oct. 6. They will have a special board meeting at their district office at 5pm on Thursday, Oct. 13 to provide updates on their current plans. Their next regular board meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

On DDOE’s part, there have been a number of planning assistance events including a convention on Oct. 5 that included presentations by potential lead partners who would implement PZ plans.

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