Race to the Top Report Released: Delaware is Making Progress

February 8th, 2013

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Over halfway through its third year, Delaware continues to make strides in its Race to the Top.  On February 1, the US Department of Education (ED) released its Year 2 Report for Delaware.   In this comprehensive annual report card that that identifies the successes, accomplishments, and challenges of the state’s RTTT implementation, ED noted Delaware’s progress in many key areas.

The report praises Delaware for laying the groundwork in years one (2010-11) and two (2011-12) to fully implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by year three.  ED also commended Delaware for offering CCSS professional development to more than 9,000 educators, developing curricular materials, building students’ college readiness through AP summer institutes and the administration of the SAT and PSAT across the state.

Other areas of progress cited by the ED report include:

As we move along in year three (the school year we’re currently in), ED notes that Delaware is on track with administering DPAS II – Component V to all educators; implementing CCSS and related professional development; increasing teacher usage of the Education Insight Portal; identifying “champions” who use the Insight Portal and are willing to share their experiences with other educators; and creating a Teacher Preparation Improvement grant program that will expand teacher and leader preparation programs with successful records.

While much work remains to be done, the results of this report are an encouraging signal that Delaware is making substantial progress in meeting the ambitious yet achievable goals Delaware set forth in its Race to the Top Application.  We, as a state, must continue to keep our “eye on the prize” as we move forward in the final year and a half of the RTTT—not only to accomplish all of the goals we set forth in our application, but to sustain them long after the grant funds are exhausted.

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Matthew Korobkin