Reflections from Connie Bond Stuart: Moving Forward for Children

July 19th, 2011

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Since 2004 the Rodel Foundation has benefitted immeasurably from the leadership of Connie Bond Stuart, a director since 2004 and our chair since 2009.  An organization like ours needs a unique individual at the helm, and Connie has been the perfect fit. She has aligned the interests and strengths of education and business communities, and always with the interests of Delaware’s children at heart.  Her unwavering vision and dedication to students are an inspiration to all and serve as an example for those who follow in her footsteps. Knowing Connie professionally and personally has been a pleasure and an honor.  On behalf of all at Rodel, I wish her the best—we will miss her.

Paul A. Herdman, Ed.D

Rodel Foundation President and CEO


As I reflect on my 9 years in Delaware, I am optimistic about the future of this state’s children, and I will be looking to Delaware as I begin my next chapter in my home state of Indiana.

Here in Delaware, I have seen what’s possible through investments such as PNC’s Grow Up Great initiative, Delaware Stars, and Teach For America, all of which have contributed to raising the quality of early childhood education and demonstrating impressive student learning potential with a challenging populations of students.

Just as Delaware won the Race to the Top, I am confident the state will be a top competitor in the Early Learning Challenge later this year. I was honored to have the opportunity to work with so many professionals in the Policy Matters and fiscal mapping efforts, as well as the Early Childhood Council, and I believe that work will pave the way for Delaware’s application.

The $22M investment by the Governor and General Assembly this year firmly established this state’s commitment to our youngest citizens and put Delaware ahead of the curve at a critical time. It will make a significant difference to children, professionals, and early childhood education centers alike, with improved care, better pay, and more support. It has also brought stakeholders to the table and established new momentum in the field.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure for me to work with so many great people here in the interest of creating an excellent public education for all students in Delaware.  The time I spent with Delaware’s Early Childhood Council, the United Way of Delaware, and the Rodel Foundation of Delaware among others has been both meaningful and memorable.

The smiles of the children at Kingswood Community Center back in May during the Governor’s proposal was a fitting culmination for me of the effort and passion that this state has poured into public education and early childhood education in particular.  It inspired and encouraged me, and I look forward to hearing about even more concrete improvements in the years to come. I hope we continue to set our sights high for every child as we have done here in Delaware.   


Connie Bond Stuart has served as PNC Regional President for Delaware; Chair of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware; Chair of United Way of Delaware; and Vice Chair of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.

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