Delaware Education Overview

Delaware public schools serve a diverse student population with complex needs and immense potential. Over the past decade there have been several big shifts that are increasing educational opportunities.

The Rodel Foundation of Delaware works in partnership with policymakers, researchers, and educators on the ground to make policy changes that have a significant impact on student outcomes, like raising academic standards, using timely data to make decisions, supporting innovations in personalized learning, recruiting and supporting great teachers and leaders, and investing in our youngest learners.

Delaware’s school choice program is the vehicle by which parents can enroll their children in any public school in the state, provided the school has capacity and parents follow the school choice application process. Nationwide school choice research indicates that in areas with school choice programs, there is some increased persistence to a high school degree, decreased dropout rates, and increased parent and student school satisfaction (Education Commission of the States). Rodel supports the development of a high-quality school choice system for Delaware’s students and families by monitoring policies and working with partners across the state.

  • Delaware Public Education at a Glance (2015-16): Our Delaware public education resource guide features key statistics and information on Delaware teacher leaders, including: demographics, years of experience, educational attainment, compensation, performance evaluations, and turnover.
  • Education Landscape Policy Brief (2015): This brief provides an introduction to the issue, overview of the current landscape in Delaware, summary of how Delaware compares to other states and the nation, and links to additional resources.
  • Additional Detail on the Education Landscape (2015): Data and information about education in Delaware and nationally.
  • Delaware Public School Governance (2015): This flowchart illustrates the governance of the K-12 system in the 2015-16 school year.

Check out the Rodel blog for more information!

Check out the Rodel blog and the Legislative Monitor for more information!