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August 14, 2013

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August 14th, 2013

Local News The News Journal Grade marks 'erosion' as teachers lose confidence in state evaluation process Growing numbers of Delaware teachers are dissatisfied with the state assessment used to judge their performance, results from a statewide survey show. “There is an erosion in the confidence teachers have,” said Delaware Education...


September 18, 2012

News, Policy and Practice

September 18th, 2012

Local News The News Journal Veteran school administrator to take state post The state Department of Education named a veteran school administrator to become the next deputy secretary of education. David Blowman, the Brandywine School District’s chief financial officer for 10 years, will replace Dan Cruce, who recently accepted a leadership role...


Are the Expectations the Same in Smyrna and Singapore? Common Core in the Classroom


February 21st, 2012

In 2006, Vision 2015 recommended that “our standards [become] as challenging as those that the highest-performing countries expect their students to meet,” and four years later Delaware adopted the Common Core State Standards along with 44 other states and D.C.  The promise of these standards is their ability to set a common, higher bar for...


Mediocre Isn’t Good Enough


January 31st, 2012

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Fordham Institute released its “State of the State” analysis on science content standards across the country. They have done this before—earlier last year they reviewed Delaware’s Social Studies standards (we didn’t do very well), and in 2010 they reviewed ELA (we failed) and math (we got a B). With such a spotty...