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September 12th, 2013

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This year’s Vision 2015 conference on Delaware public education is more interactive, innovative, and focused on Delaware classrooms than ever before. It will be held on Wednesday, October 9 at 8:30 to 3:30 p.m. at University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall. Vision 2015 is a plan designed to provide world-class education to every public school student in Delaware that was developed by a coalition of state education, government, business and civic leaders. Paul Herdman, our President and CEO, is on the current Vision 2015 leadership team, and we, like the other members, support the implementation of the Vision 2015 plan.

This year’s conference is focused on innovation. There will be a Digital Learning Lab for hands-on exploration of education technology used in Delaware and around the country. Participants also will see first-hand what blended learning classrooms here in Delaware look like. For the first-time, there is a conference app for both mobile devices and normal computer browsers, featuring an up-to-date agenda, speaker bios, conference materials, and other resources. To download the mobile app, use your mobile devise to visit the registration website.

This year’s conference is also focused on Delaware classrooms. Every break-out session is informed by the teachers and leaders who are doing the difficult work in classrooms and schools to improve the entire system of public education in Delaware. Take a look at the conference agenda; you may recognize some names and see others who you may like to meet. The breakout sessions are great opportunities to connect with the people who are engaging in the work to transform Delaware schools and to share ideas and best practices. We especially welcome and encourage Delaware educators to attend the conference. They are eligible to receive seven clock hours toward renewal of their continuing license, and scholarships are available to cover registration fees for the conference as well as substitute teacher costs, if necessary. Please contact our Senior Director of Partnerships, Sarah Grunewald at for more details.

Starting tomorrow with the Delaware Office of Early Learning Director Harriet Dichter, we will be hosting a blog series about the conference themes, authored by voices from the conference. So check back every Friday until October 9 to hear from these education champions.

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