4 Must-Have Data Resources on Delaware Public Education

October 30th, 2015

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Earlier this week, we blogged about DelawareFocus.org—the new website launched by the Delaware Community Foundation featuring data and analysis of 71 key community indicators in the areas of demographics, economy and working, financial self-sufficiency, quality of life, health, children and youth, and education.

This week we’ve pulled together a short-list of the data resources we use to answer questions about the current state of public education in Delaware:

1. What is the current state of public education in Delaware? Public Education at a Glance (Rodel Foundation of Delaware)—This public education resource guide (also known as “the flipbook”), provides a quick-reference overview of key education statistics and information. The flipbook focuses on student enrollment, student achievement, college and career readiness, teacher and leader quality, school finance, and early learning.

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2. Where can I find school, district, or statewide data? Online State, District and School Profiles (Delaware Department of Education)—The online profiles are a go-to resource for state-, district-, or school-level Delaware public school education data. The DDOE also publishes some annual and specialty data reports.

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3. What issues do children face in-school and out-of-school? Kids Count Delaware (University of Delaware, Center for Community Research & Service)—The KIDS COUNT Delaware fact book is a resource for current, comprehensive data on children as they relate to some of the most pressing issues facing our state: health, education, crime, the economy. The annual fact book examines issues, highlights trends, and serves as a tool for informed, empirically-based policy decisions.

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4. How does Delaware public education compare nationally? National Center for Education Statistics (Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education)—The National Center for Education statistics provides a lot of great national data, as well as state-by-state data comparisons (enrollment, finance, graduation, etc.). Since this is nationwide data, these numbers tend to be a few years older than the statewide data available on the Delaware Department of Education website.

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