$5.8 Million Awarded to Partnership Zone Schools

May 25th, 2011

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The Delaware Department of Education awarded $5.8 million in School Improvement Grant funds to continue turnaround efforts at Delaware’s four Partnership Zone schools. 

Secretary of Education Lowery approved $3.2M for Christina, $1.5M for New Castle County Votech, and $1.1M for Positive Outcomes (in addition to the approximately $1.5 million/school Partnership Zone and Race to the Top funding).  These funds will be used over three years to continue current efforts at Glasgow High, Stubbs Elementary, Positive Outcomes Charter, and Howard High School.  These efforts, while varied across schools, typically focus on longer school days/years, increased instructional and planning time, more rigorous professional development, and greater flexibility over staffing decisions.    

We applaud the state for holding over approximately $2.6M for next year’s applicants, demonstrating their commitment to setting the bar high and demanding rigorous plans for improvement. 

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