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Meet Kya McIntyre 


February 8th, 2022

Hello readers! My name is Kya McIntyre, I am a first-generation college student in their final year at the University of Delaware and working through a policy fellowship here at Rodel. Currently, I am finishing up my undergraduate degree where I am double majoring in political science and sociology. As of now, I am graduating in the spring and...


“I’m Worried.” Six Quotes from Delaware Families that Capture Our Child Care Crisis

Early Childhood Education

January 21st, 2022

Due to rising costs and state investments that don’t keep pace, the child care industry is in peril, and nearly half of local providers are turning families away. Families who rely on the Purchase of Care (POC) subsidy can’t find care because their voucher only reimburses about 50 percent of the costs of child care. Subsequently, about 30...

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