Career Pathways in a Rapidly Changing World: A Look at Scotland

September 13th, 2023

Category: Postsecondary Success

Part 2: A Look at Scotland

I’m happy to share the newest post from Scotland on career pathways in a rapidly changing world. This blog, published in partnership with the OECD, focuses on Scotland, where I learned about a relatively new approach called Foundation Apprenticeships.

Earlier posts in this series include my podcast with the OECD’s Andreas Schleicher and blog about my learnings from Australia and New Zealand.

The next podcast will be from Australia where I will talk with Tony Mackay about this “moment” in public policy in which they are doing away with the “bifurcation between the head and the hand” and we’ll hear from a policymaker, a practitioner, and some students about what that means in practice.

As always, please reach out with any questions or comments. More to come in the weeks and months ahead.

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