Funding and Equity


UPDATED: 9 Questions (and Answers) about Property Reassessment in Delaware

May 11th, 2020

Author: Neil Kirschling

UPDATED: March 22, 2021 1. What is the status of the “county track” of the Delawareans for Educational Opportunity v. Carney? As of February 25, Kent county has agreed to full property reassessment by 2024 as part of the funding lawsuit. The Kent County agreement is similar to New Castle County’s agreement announced in early...

Opportunity Funding 101

October 28th, 2019

Author: Neil Kirschling

Money matters in education, as national research shows us. But how money is spent matters just as how much—as long as the how is driven by local context and needs. Now that the school year is underway and next year’s budget cycle is about to begin, let’s check in on the status of the state’s Opportunity Funding investment and put this...

Guest Blog: Education Doesn’t Have to be a Political Football

October 2nd, 2019

Author: Gary Stockbridge

As the temperatures cool and the political season heats up, I’m excited to report that here in Delaware, we are finding some common ground when it comes to advancing our public schools. As chair of the Vision Coalition of Delaware—a mix of public and private leaders that have been meeting together since 2006—we strive to identify...


September 10th, 2019

Author: Bridgette Boody

Back in fall of 2017, Rodel, along with the Delaware Hispanic Commission and the Arsht-Cannon Fund, published a series of award-winning fact sheets about English learners in Delaware—a demographic that represents the fastest growing segment of students in the state by far. Since that time, Delaware began implementing new accountability...