Calling All College Seniors!

March 7th, 2013

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I will admit, as my college graduation neared, I intuitively knew that I wanted my professional life to mirror my personal values – and it was this belief that led me to apply for Teach For America. Last week, I was heartened to see the USED expand this type of opportunity to an even greater number of college seniors through their newly launched School Turnaround AmeriCorps.

The program, a joint effort with the Corporation for National and Community Service, is for three years and seeks to engage hundreds of AmeriCorps members in helping turnaround our nation’s persistently low-performing schools. These members will provide opportunities for academic enrichment, extended learning time, and individual supports for students.

The program builds on the successes schools and organizations throughout the country already have engaging AmeriCorps members. MATCH Schools in Boston leverage members’ skills through small group tutoring and extracurricular activities – all while providing access to their teacher training program. Blue Engine in New York places 3-4 BETAs with one lead teacher to work with a cohort of approximately 100 students throughout the academic year by providing small group instruction and leading weekly 50 minute sessions to build the mindsets necessary for success.

It is exciting to see this type of opportunity expanded to many more graduating seniors and I sincerely hope that interested Delawareans jump on this opportunity to bring in extra hands to help educators successfully accomplish this difficult work.

From the Notice:
Public or private nonprofit organizations, including faith-based and other community groups; schools or districts; institutions of higher education; cities and counties; Indian Tribes; and labor organizations are eligible to apply to this program, along with partnerships and consortia of these entities.

If you are interested, a notice of intent to apply must be submitted to the Corporation for National and Community Service by April 2, 2013 via e-mail at: Applications are due on April 23, 2013. Grants will be awarded by mid-July.

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