Celebrating Superstars in Delaware Education

May 3rd, 2011

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Last night at the Chase Center on the Riverfront, business leaders and educators came together to honor schools across the state for programs that have been improving students’ learning and academic performance.  For over twenty years, the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce has recognized and awarded $2,500 to successful programs that directly target students’ needs in creative and unique ways. The evening was filled with heartening stories about the impact of these programs and the evident dedication of excellent educators- true Superstars.  Today, as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, these Superstars and their programs truly demonstrate why there is so much excitement and hope in Delaware education right now. Governor Jack Markell, Lt. Governor Matt Denn and Secretary Lillian Lowery spoke at the event congratulating the schools, while emphasizing collaboration and the moral imperative as vital to making Delaware schools world-class.

Also honored last evening were the Excellence in Parental Involvement Award winners that were previously awarded by Lt. Governor Denn.  This is the first time that this award was recognized during the event, due to the notable and inspiring work accomplished in these schools coupled with Delaware’s Race to the Top emphasis on family and community engagement. 

These achievements accomplished by educators, school leaders and other partners speak to the positive growth in Delaware education.  Not only do these programs improve excellence, but they also foster student confidence in their abilities and in their future.  Please share in this blog any other successful programs to continue the Superstar work in these schools.

The 2011 Superstars in Education Winners:

District Category:  

Capital School District and Price Automotive’s Reading Challenge fosters a love of reading through providing incentives for the number of books students read.  Additionally, this district/business partnership develops family and community engagement through hosting bedtime story evening events at Price Automotive dealerships.

Red Clay Consolidated School District’s Summer Enrichment Program operates as an academic summer camp, preparing students for the coursework in the upcoming school year and assisting students overcome areas of challenge. Due to the program’s success and high enrollment, the program has expanded to five schools and welcomes every student to participate.

High School Category:

Howard T. Ennis School’s PACT Program (Pre-Vocational, Academic and Community Transition) furthers pre-vocational skills and confronts real-world issues alongside academic work.  This program is particularly special because they shape and target the training towards the students’ interests, allowing student input to plan their futures.  

John Dickinson High School’s Creative Writing Program improves students’ writing and communication academic performance, creates student confidence and has also made possible 30 students’ writing published in national literary magazine Teen Ink.

Elementary School Category:

Booker T. Washington Elementary School’s Third Grade Instructional Reading program makes literacy a priority for every third grader by adding new texts, facilitating “thinking aloud” activities, incorporating common planning sessions for educators and using research to incorporate innovative strategies into the classrooms.

William B. Keane Elementary School’s Project Success (Students Uniquely Comprehending Curriculum for Excellence and Superior Status) program aims to improve students’ reading abilities while minimizing achievement gaps through multifaceted approaches.  The school has a motto that “all students can learn” promoting high expectations for every student.  “Reading buddies” are also incorporated into instruction where upper grade students assist and read to students in lower grades.

Long Neck Elementary School’s Rescheduling to Track All and Include All program minimizes achievement gaps by addressing individual student’s needs with small group work and increased teacher collaboration through common planning and Professional Learning Community time. Students are frequently assessed to track their learning progress, with the neediest students assessed more frequently. Classroom instruction and academic support is tailored to the students with dramatic success.

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