October 25, 2012

October 25th, 2012

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The News Journal
Congratulations to teacher worth the praise
An editorial
Pay close attention to one of the first comments John Sell made Wednesday after being named the state’s 2013 Teacher of the Year. The Sussex Technical High School English teacher said collaborative meeting time lets him borrow great ideas of other educators. That’s why Delaware is vesting much in Professional Learning Communities, which require teachers to meet for 90 minutes a week in a joint planning time, with data coaches helping to spot student learning trends.

National News

Huffington Post
Ohio 3rd grade reading guarantee law could hold back 10,000 students  
As many as 10,000 Ohio students may have to repeat the 3rd grade under the new Third Grade Reading Guarantee law because they are at risk of not passing the state’s reading exam. The state has set aside competitive grant funding to boost reading skills, but new reporting requirements are an unfunded mandate. Ohio is one of 13 states that require 3rd graders to be reading at grade level in order to be promoted.

Miami-Dade public school district wins prestigious Broad Prize for Urban Education  
One of the most prestigious education prizes was awarded to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools for improving student achievement, raising the graduation rates of minority students, and increasing the percentage of minorities reaching advanced levels on state exams. Miami-Dade had been a finalist for the Broad Prize for Urban Education five times before winning the honor this year.

Education Week
State boards could feel electoral winds  
With scores of state school board seats nationwide hanging on next month’s elections, the results could have a quiet but significant impact on education policy. Nine states are holding direct elections this cycle for some or all the seats on their state boards. In addition, eight states in which governors appoint board members have gubernatorial contests this year.

E-Learning opens real-world doors
For many schools, mixing online courses with face-to-face learning is primarily a method for serving struggling or advanced students while keeping them inside school walls. But for several hundred high school students in the Grand Rapids, Mich., school district, blended learning is the key that unlocks the door to the real world.

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