July 27, 2012

July 27th, 2012

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Local News

The News Journal
Students plug brain drain
This summer 12 students at Thomas Edison Charter School in Wilmington to spend afternoons polishing their skills as part of a summer enrichment program. Before they get to play chess on these summer afternoons, the younger students at Thomas Edison spend time making books while older students serve as mentors. The Red Clay Consolidated School District mixed fun activities with academics during its 17-day summer STEM scholars program for middle school students. The interest in such programs has jumped in recent years, said the district’s superintendent, Mervin Daugherty.

Districts counting on own benches
The Milford School District appointed Phyllis Kohel, a former teacher and principal at Milford schools, to be its superintendent. Kohel’s selection was announced Monday. Kohel had just ended her first year as superintendent at Woodbridge School District, which runs public education in Bridgeville and Greenwood. To fill the opening created by her departure, Woodbridge elevated its assistant superintendent, Heath Chasanov, to the top spot with a two-year contract.

BTE program successful in Wilmington schools
A letter to the editor by Joanne Parker-Henry, Program Director, Bridge-To-Employment
Statistics indicate that less than 10 percent of eighth-graders residing in Wilmington’s Southbridge area graduate from high school. However a successful partnership between Christina School District, and Noramco, Inc., resulted in a significant turnaround for a group of these students. In 2003, these partners were awarded a $100,000 grant from Johnson & Johnson to establish Bridge-To-Employment (BTE) in Wilmington.

Community News
Summer scholars showcase science and math talents during enrichment camp
This year John Dickinson High School’s Summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Program grew from 75 spots to 160 this year. Sen. Carper said that camps such as this one are extremely important. “There are millions of jobs that are going unfulfilled. There are people that do not have the education and training to fill these jobs. This program better ensures that men and women will have these skills,” Carper said.

National News

St. Paul Pioneer Press
Minnesota: Many students fail math grad exam—but still graduate
Thousands of Minnesota high school graduates wouldn’t have gotten a diploma this year without a waiver because they repeatedly failed the state’s math requirement. In some districts, as many as one-third of seniors wouldn’t have graduated. The waivers only require these students to attempt the test two more times and then receive remedial help.

Bangor Daily News
LePage says Maine students looked down upon, unveils new education initiatives
As Governor Paul LePage outlined a school reform initiative, he touted a recent Harvard University study that he says proves Maine’s education system is “failing.” The ABC Plan stands for accountability for performance and providing assistance to struggling schools; best practices in other states and countries and emulating those methods; and choice that allows students to go to whichever school they wish.

The New York Times
Enrollment off in big districts, forcing layoffs
Enrollment in nearly half of the nation’s largest school districts has dropped steadily over the last five years, triggering school closings that have destabilized neighborhoods, caused layoffs of essential staff, and concerns in many cities that the students who remain are some of the neediest and most difficult to educate.

Education Week
White House initiative targets education for African-Americans
President Barack Obama launched a new initiative Thursday aimed at improving the educational outcomes for African Americans, who despite steady progress in recent years on indicators such as high school graduation and college-going, still trail significantly behind their white and Asian peers. The president signed an executive order to establish the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.

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