August 28, 2012

August 28th, 2012

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The Republic
40% of New Mexico high school seniors still need to pass exit exam to get diploma  
More than 40% of New Mexico’s high school seniors still need to pass the state’s exit exam if they are to earn their diplomas without jumping through additional hoops. State officials adopted the exit exam test in 2010, but this year is the first where students must pass it to earn their diploma. Those who don’t pass or meet alternate standards will instead receive a certificate of completion.

Hechinger Report
America’s math problem: Should we get rid of algebra?  
Experts and educators are divided on what to do about America’s math problem. Should we scrap algebra altogether, or try instead to better prepare students to understand it? A recent New York Times op-ed asked the question, “Is Algebra Necessary?” And a Complete College America report suggested placing “students in the right math’ instead of requiring college algebra for everyone.

Education Week
Out-of-school settings create climate for new skills
As pressure mounts for students to improve their digital-learning and 21st-century skills, out-of-classroom environments are increasingly being seen as appealing settings to foster them. This growing interest comes hand in hand with discussions on whether the traditional definitions of schooling and learning need to change to provide students with a broader knowledge base that includes skills such as problem-solving and creative thinking.

Groups form task force to sway teacher-prep rules
Concerns over teacher-preparation regulations that the U.S. Department of Education is crafting have spurred several higher education lobbies to join forces—a sign that the issue is rising on the agenda of college officials. Individuals from the groups formerly met on an informal, ad hoc basis, but they recently created a “higher education task force on teacher preparation.” The task force includes representatives from the influential American Council on Education and several other associations representing public, private, and religious colleges.

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