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May 10th, 2013

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School Board elections in Delaware will take place on Tuesday, May 14th.  These elections are crucial as they determine important leaders in education for our state; however, turnout has been historically low compared to other state elections. 

On Tuesday, there are a total of 25 races in the First State to fill these important jobs.  Of the 25 races occurring on May 14th, only 7 races are uncontested.   Multiple races have more than two candidates running for the seat.  This is a great show of engagement on our school boards.  School board members are not compensated for their service, and the work required during their tenure is plentiful.  The extensive number of filed candidates statewide proves that Delawareans are committed to providing a quality public education in our state and that they want to want to be engaged.

New candidates are interested in getting involved, but even more striking is the number of incumbents willing to return to school board service.   There is still work to be done, and it’s a show of commitment that 13 individuals are fighting to continue their work for their district and community.  

Across the state voters have many excellent options for school board service.  Delaware is making progress in improving the quality of education our children receive, and school boards play an important role in leading our school districts. The future of our school boards will be in the hands of the people on Tuesday, May 14, and I hope residents across the state will take the time to participate and cast their vote. Information on the candidates for school boards can be found here.

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