Department of Education Releases Race to the Top RFP Applicants

September 23rd, 2010

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Last week, the Delaware Department of Education released the names of vendors that applied to provide services outlined in Delaware’s winning Race to the Top application.  In the application, Delaware stipulated that it would utilize data coaches, development coaches, and leadership training throughout the state to improve instructional and leadership practices in schools.  Below is a brief explanation of each position:


Data Coach: Specialists in both classroom pedagogy and data-driven instructional practice that will facilitate professional learning communities, conduct observations and provide feedback, and help teachers build capacity to use data to drive instruction.  These coaches will work with teachers in tested subjects for three 90-minute blocks each month over the course of two years. 

Development Coach: Development coaches will work with superintendents, principals, and charter directors to successfully implement and calibrate on the newly created DPAS II educator evaluation system.  These coaches will work one day each month with two groups of evaluators to ensure evaluations are being conducted in a transparent and rigorous way throughout Delaware.

Leadership Training: The state will offer intensive leadership training to all early career principals and leaders of high-needs schools in areas such as instructional leadership and time management.  The program will last for 12-18 months depending on the cohort. 

Successful applicants must be prepared to begin implementation in districts and schools beginning January of 2011, as outlined in the Race to the Top application.

Brett Turner



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