Federal Money Brings Groups into Turnaround Efforts

August 23rd, 2010

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As the federal government dispenses millions of dollars to turnaround persistently low-performing schools through the School Improvement Grants (SIG), attention is now shifting towards the implementation of best practices within our schools.  As outlined in the SIG application, schools and districts can partner with outside organizations to help implement various components outlined in their application.

However, as a recent New York Times article highlighted, numerous companies, some of which have no experience within our hallowed schools, have been certified by their respective states as acceptable partners in these critical turnaround efforts.  Recognizing the lunacy behind these actions, the United States Congress, led by Representative George Miller of California, has called hearings to investigate the matter.

Representative Miller stated, “…with increased focus on school reform under this administration, it seems some companies with little or no expertise in education are purporting to be experts in school turnaround to try and take advantage of available federal money.  Companies who are hired to help turn around schools as partners should have the best expertise and the best qualifications.”

For the sake of students across the country and within Delaware, we couldn’t agree more. 

Brett Turner




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