Getting Ready for 11/3

October 29th, 2020

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As Election Day approaches, our team came across some great resources and opportunities that might spark lively debate among educators, parents, and kids. A new series of free online classes from the National Constitution Center covers everything from the Electoral College to combating “fake news” on social media.

The NCC launched the series last March and is part of the group’s acclaimed Interactive Constitution, a nonpartisan educational platform that earned 32 million hits since its launch in 2015, while hosting special guests like Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and historian Ken Burns.

See below for info on Election Day-adjacent classes coming up—and click here for a full schedule of fall and spring classes. Happy voting.


The Constitution and the Election Professional Development Session (LIVE)

Thursday, October 29 

7-8 p.m. EDT

Register here

Teaching the election is only half the battle. Understanding, explaining and holding civil discourse after the election is key to engaging our students in relevant and difficult discourse on the Constitution and our Elections. Join Jeffrey Rosen and the National Constitution Center Education team for a discussion and listening session on November 4, 2020. A place for debrief and get the most up to date information about the current state of the union.

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Professional Development Session: Electoral College and Voting Rights with the National Constitution Center (recorded)

Wednesday, November 4

7 p.m. EDT 

1-hour session of discussion followed by Q and A

Register here.

Explore the Electoral College and Voting rights with Jeffrey Rosen as he guides educators through the Interactive Constitution to examine the controversial origins at the Constitution Convention, the influence of founder James Wilson, and the many attempts to reform it over the years. Review the history and learn and learn more about the National Constitution Center!

Watch here

Paul Herdman

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