How do you more than quadruple the number of students meeting proficiency standards in only three years?

November 19th, 2009

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Ask Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia.  Mastery has been turning around schools in Philly since 2005 – they’ve taken some of the worst city schools and changed the leadership and the culture, and – working with the same kids as before the turn-around—made huge gains in proficiency on the state student assessment.  The largest gain so far has been a 544% increase in the number of students meeting proficiency in 7th grade math since 2006 at their Shoemaker Campus.  Here is a quick look at how all of their schools are doing.  Their motto says it all- “Excellence. No Excuses.”

Imagine if the 16,000 kids in Delaware’s lowest performing schools had access to this kind of program.  The benefits for our state would be colossal!

Michael Rasmussen



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