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June 9th, 2020

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We at Rodel stand in solidarity with those working, now and always, to dismantle systemic racism in Delaware and nationally. We condemn the murders by police officers of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among others, which have once again ignited the pain and frustration that has been building from centuries of injustice.

Our team’s work is built around giving every child an opportunity “to contribute and thrive.” We acknowledge and condemn the fact that our black and brown children are often robbed of that opportunity when they are not safe jogging, walking in the park, driving, or simply being in their own homes. Our team and partners are fighting for a more equitable school funding system and more supports for English learner students. We’re striving for a level playing field when it comes to college and careers and a more diverse teacher workforce—so children and families of color can thrive. But these recent events serve as a wake-up call to all of us. We must push ourselves and ask critical questions: Are we doing enough? Are our goals around racial equity clearly defined?

We are committed to listening, learning, and being good allies in this work. So, what does this mean?

We commit to:

    • Looking in the mirror. We will take a hard look at our priorities, how we do our work, and how we are structured. Through this analysis we’ll determine if what we are currently doing is the highest and best use of our resources to helping create a more racially equitable world.
    • Listening more. We will strengthen our policy work by deepening our commitment to raising the voices of educators, parents and students and expanding our coalitions in ways that focus on bending the arc of justice.
    • Lending our voice. We will work to expand our presence in policy battles that matter for addressing racial inequity. We will stand with those working to ensure our young people of color get the public funding they need, school environments that are restorative not punitive, and real access to the college and career choices of their choosing.


We believe, unflinchingly, that a great education changes everything—from the life of a young person to the health and vibrancy of a community.

We realize this work starts with us, and we also support those organizations throughout our state that are led by leaders of color and doing the work needed to transform our communities. We encourage you to learn more and support them, below.

We invite more dialogue on this issue and encourage you to share with us resources that you find helpful.


The Rodel Team

Learn more about organizations doing critical work to fight for racial equity in Delaware
  • The Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (MWUL), whose mission is to empower people of color to achieve economic self-reliance, parity and civil rights.
  • La Esperanza Community Center assists Sussex County Latinos in their journey toward stability, integration and success.
  • The Latin American Community Center, a longtime Wilmington staple that advocates for and assists the Latino community by offering services in a continuum of care that promotes empowerment and an enhanced quality of life.
  • REACH Riverside, whose promise is to work alongside the community to transform today’s Riverside Neighborhood into a healthy, vibrant place to live and thrive.
  • DelawareCAN, a nonprofit that believes it will take a community of advocates pushing the system to make sure all schools help kids achieve their potential.
  • United Way of Delaware empowers Delawareans by focusing on early education, college and career readiness, as well as financial stability for families.
  • Communities In Schools works directly inside schools, building relationships that empower vulnerable students to succeed inside and outside the classroom.
  • The NAACP is the nation’s oldest, largest and most widely recognized grassroots-based civil rights organization.
  • YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
  • Network Delaware is a community of change agents of all backgrounds and levels of experience coming together to work for justice and equity in our state.
  • Delaware Center for Justice is committed to transforming the quality of justice through advocacy, policy, and practice.
  • Delaware Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow creates forums and initiatives to define, clarify, educate, advocate, and coordinate projects for solutions to racial discrimination and institutional policies and systems in a way that allows hope, opportunity, and success in the quality of life for minority citizens.

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