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January 20th, 2012

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My name is Melissa Hopkins, and I’ve recently joined the Rodel Foundation as the Government Affairs Manager. Prior to joining the Rodel Foundation, I spent five years staffing elected officials at both New Castle County Council and the Delaware State House of Representatives. 

I was born and raised in Delaware and am a proud product of Delaware’s public schools.   Growing up, college was the ultimate goal for me.  For as long as I can remember my parents told me that I could be anything I wanted when I grew up, but I first had to get my college degree.  Neither of my parents went to college and it was so important to them that my brother and I had the opportunities they didn’t have. 

I had truly amazing teachers that saw my potential and understood how important going to college was to me and to my family.  Without the dedication of these teachers, I know I would never have been accepted into the University of Delaware.  When I graduated with a degree in Political Science, I’ve never seen my parents so proud, and it was one of the happiest moments in my life. 

While working in the Delaware General Assembly, I was offered the opportunity to gain perspective on a myriad of issues facing residents of our great state, and I learned the importance of building consensus.  Each and every Delawarean has a vested interest in having a top-notch education system and it is absolutely achievable if we work together.  However, I believe that civic engagement is fundamental to success.     

I look forward to working with our leaders in the Delaware legislature on the state’s education issues.   As Delaware implements its Race to the Top plans and its early learning programs, there couldn’t be a more exciting time to work with the Rodel Foundation.   A college education is achievable and it is my hope that every student in the state can experience that moment of walking across the stage to receive their degree.

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Melissa Hopkins



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