July 11, 2017

July 11th, 2017

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Delaware News

Cape Gazette
Rehoboth planners begin school site review July 14
The Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission will begin its site-plan review process for the proposed new Rehoboth Elementary School at 3 p.m., Friday, July 14. If the commission approves the site-plan review, the Cape Henlopen School District will be able to move forward with building a new school, starting next year.

Delaware 105.9
Should Delaware teachers have the right to carry guns in schools?
School shootings nationwide have increased dramatically over the past decade with eighteen occurrences since the start of 2016. The most recent incident took place on May 4 at North Lake College in Irving, Texas, a 20-year-old student was killed. About a month earlier on April 10 was the North Park Elementary School shooting, where a teacher and eight-year-old student were killed in Riverside, California.

Smyrna-Clayton Sun-Times
Superintendent Wicks retires after 40-year career in Smyrna School District
Superintendent Debbie Wicks’ career in the Smyrna School District started 50 years ago in 1967, included a 10-year hiatus while raising her family, and ended on Friday. However, her colleagues said her contributions will have an impact for generations to come.

The News Journal
TeenSHARP launching free college prep program
A new program will not only provide hundreds of students free college admissions support but will help match high-schoolers to institutions they can afford. If anyone can attest to the importance of having a good college advisor, it’s Alejandra Villamares, the 18-year-old coordinator of a new academy called Delaware Goes to College.

School districts hustle to finalize budgets, accommodate state cuts
School districts won’t have much time to process the fallout from $26 million in education cuts passed by the General Assembly last week. In fact, they only have until Thursday to finalize their 2017-18 budgets and get tax warrants off to their counties. That’s a quick turnaround, especially considering the cuts were different than the ones educators have been discussing for months.

Delaware budget cuts reach school districts
School district officials in Delaware say they are scrambling to make adjustments to their budgets after Delaware lawmakers approved more than $26 million in education cuts to balance the state’s $4.1 billion budget. The cuts were smaller than what was initially proposed by Gov. John Carney in March. However, lawmakers removed a provision allowing Delaware school districts to raise revenue through a “match tax” without a referendum to offset an $11 million reduction to the Education Sustainment Fund.

National News

Education Week
Just 20 percent of K-12 students are learning a foreign language
Arguing that the inability to communicate in any language but English constitutes a threat to the nation’s economic and military security, two recent studies have painted a grim picture of foreign-language education in the nation’s K-12 schools. The reports from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and American Councils for International Education found that public schools and state departments of education are struggling to find qualified world language instructors and unequipped to track local and national trends on language learning.

My son is in special education and I want him to be challenged
By the time my younger son is midway through third grade, I realize that his academic progress has stalled. He’s stuck somewhere between kindergarten and first grade. School is a struggle for him. He has a language-based learning disability, which affects how long it takes for him to process new information before he can respond. We have safeguards — classroom accommodations and an Individualized Education Plan, or IEP, a document required by law for students who receive special education — to keep him on track. Except, that he isn’t.

The Atlantic
One school’s quest for personalized public education
To understand just how far Vista High School will go to keep kids interested in school, consider the case of 17-year-old Hernan Hernandez and his skateboard. Hernan, an avid skateboarder, was bored in gym class. So were his classmates. So, late this spring, Hernan approached Principal Anthony Barela with a potential solution: What about offering them a skateboarding course instead?

The Norman Transcript
Schools use loophole to exceed limit for pre-kindergarten classes
Small classes are a cornerstone of pre-K, but some districts are now raising a long-held cap on the number of students, a move that could dilute Oklahoma’s most admired and arguably successful educational initiative. Like many other states, Oklahoma limits pre-K classes to 20 students. When there are more than 10 students, the classroom teacher is supposed to have a full-time assistant.

Chicago students need a plan for the future to graduate
High school students in Chicago may soon have to meet a new requirement before they earn a diploma. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing student would have to show that they have some type of plan for the future. That includes acceptance letter to a college, joining the military or have some sort of job lined up. Emanuel say the rule is part of the city’s effort to provide access to higher education.

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