Keeping the Best Educators Working

May 6th, 2010

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The federal government is considering a bill that would pump another $23 Billion into public schools to help stem the tide of layoffs expected next year.  If passed in time, this bill has the potential to support districts in Delaware like Christina that announced today they will be RIFing upwards of 50 teachers and paraprofessionals. Districts must notify teachers by May 15, so we should expect more announcements soon.

The federal bill certainly has the potential to help, but a loophole likely means that more teachers will be laid off than need be, even with the additional infusion of funds.  Layoffs are traditionally based on seniority, which means new teachers—those that are paid less—will get laid off.  Laying off lower paid teachers means more of them will have to go to make up shortfalls, even if they are great teachers. The more important factor—teacher effectiveness—is not typically considered in these decisions. Getting rid of great teachers, new or senior, is not good for kids.

EdTrust is among the organizations pushing the federal government to close this “Last Hired, First Fired” loophole and keep more effective teachers in the classroom.

Michael Rasmussen



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