Kudos to the DSEA, TFA, Moyer and WJBR

May 1st, 2012

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In the flurry of emails, some just catch my eye.  This one certainly did.  It was an announcement that Laura Mayer, a high school teacher and Teach For America corps member at Maurice Moyer Academy, was recently named the DSEA & WJBR Teacher of the Month

It caught my eye for a few reasons.  One, Rodel is a supporter of TFA and it was nice to see one of these young teachers be acknowledged.  Laura is a fellow University of Delaware alum so it was especially nice to see that she chose to make a difference here in Delaware.  Two, Moyer has had some well-publicized challenges over the last couple of years, so it was nice to see them get some positive press.  And finally, I appreciated the fact that the DSEA acknowledged Laura even though she works in a charter school and is likely not a formal member of the union.  This was a classy move.

And as for WJBR, I might have to switch off my Sirius radio on my drives to work and give 99.5 a listen.  The broader acknowledgement program is a nice idea.

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