Let’s Get Delawareans To and Through College

May 9th, 2012

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Last week, Delaware’s Department of Education made available the College Access and Readiness request for applications to interested districts and charters eager to accelerate college readiness initiatives among their traditionally underserved students.

The RFA, which is funded through the federal  College Access Challenge Grant, is due June 1st and will provide one-year awards to chosen districts or charter schools to implement their innovative ideas – all with particular focus on underrepresented kids, including minorities and first-generation college-goers. In addition to developing their own programs, districts and charters have the opportunity to partner with other districts or outside non-profit organizations to expand the impact of this work.

Districts are already doing work on this front–much of which is funded by Race to the Top-such as Equal Opportunity Schools’ work with Colonial to increase rigorous coursework participation, AVID’s efforts with various districts to increase readiness in middle school, or Smyrna’s work with Kaplan to prepare students for the SAT.

We look forward to learning more about areas of interest and how to expand this work so that more Delawareans graduate high school ready to go to and succeed in college.

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