Lingering Questions Remain as RTTT Implementation Begins

July 18th, 2011

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In spite of the sense of finality that may come with the approval of districts’ Race to the Top plans, there are a number of undetermined factors that could change their direction.

One of the major investment areas is low-performing schools. However, when up to six more schools are selected for the Partnership Zone in August/September, will the planning process and requirements associated change the RTTT investments and strategies?

Districts are budgeting with more than RTTT resources, and smart business managers know how to move funds around to maximize flexibility. As other resources become available through competitive opportunities or opportunities for low-performing schools—or as they become scarce, for example when EduJobs funds run out next year– could these change the use of RTTT funds?

Although plans are detailed, every partner has not been identified (some have, and those will be featured in future blogs). Will districts continue to rely on the typical partners in Delaware, will they reach out to new ones, and/or will they work collaboratively to negotiate contracts?

Much remains to be seen.

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Madeleine Bayard



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