May 5, 2014

May 5th, 2014

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Local News

The News Journal
Delaware teachers laud Common Core progress
Teachers are spearheading the effort to transition to the new national standards. Overhauling their lessons has been a mammoth effort that is still being developed even after a few years’ work. “We’re having to completely change the way we teach.” said Jenna White, a first-grade teacher at Woodbridge Elementary School. Making such a major shift comes with mistakes, White and the other teachers at Thursday’s event said.

The gift of teachers who understand grief
An opinion by Rhonda Graham
“As a public school teacher for 35 years, I dreaded these days because of children like my grandchildren,” the reader added. “Maybe you could interview students, parents and teachers on this subject.” I am sure many will agree but likely many more will say what’s the harm? The celebration of key family holidays is driven by big money influence of the advertising industry.

Delaware State News
Educators share Common Core success stories
Teachers at “Common Ground Bright Spots,” an event hosted Thursday night at Dover Downs, said that the Common Core hadn’t changed what they taught — it was the “how” that changed. “We’re still teaching the same stuff,” Kenneth Garvey, the principal of instruction at Dover High, explained. “It’s about how we’re expecting kids to get it.”

Federal lawsuit over Reach Academy closure dismissed
The federal lawsuit brought against Delaware’s Department of Education involving the closure of Reach Academy for Girls has been dismissed. Attorneys for the two sides agreed to have the suit dismissed according to court papers filed late last week. Reach was slated to close at the end of the academic year after its charter was not renewed over academic issues.

National News

Denver Business Journal
Colorado passes three bills to address education
Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the College Affordability Act into law, the same day the Senate approved the Student Success Act and just one day after the passage of the annual School Finance Act.

Associated Press
Indiana warned its NCLB waiver is at risk
Indiana’s efforts to set its own educational course could be at risk if the state fails to correct issues with the implementation of its No Child Left Behind waiver, the U.S. Department of Education said.

Texas Tribune
Texas board looks to ease pressure
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board announced a change that it hopes could alleviate some of the financial pressure on students borrowing to finance their education.

Los Angeles Times
California eyes return of bilingual education
The state Senate Education Committee recommended that California voters be asked to repeal Proposition 227, the 1998 initiative that requires public school instruction in English, and restore bilingual education programs.

Per-pupil spending lags across the nation
Aside from Alaska and North Dakota, every state is spending less per student than before the recession hit, so says a new report. Overall state higher education spending is down about 23 percent, amounting to just a little more than $2,000 per student. And Louisiana, North Carolina, Wyoming, West Virginia and Wisconsin made the deepest cuts this year.

Charlotte Observer
North Carolina mulls open enrollment
Proposed legislation in North Carolina would require school districts to set up plans allowing families to request a seat in any school in their home district or in any of the state’s other districts.

Chalkbeat New York
New York eases pressure on would-be teacher – for now
Aspiring New York State teachers won’t have to pass a new, tougher certification test this year or next year, thanks to a vote that resulted from last-minute negotiations with the state teachers union.

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