Meet Alan Flores

August 19th, 2021

Category: News

Hi everyone! My name is Alan Flores and I am a senior at Conrad Schools of Science. One of my goals after I graduate high school is to attend a top college or university. But for now, one thing that is on my plate is that I am considered an undocumented student.

When I first came to this country when I was three years old, I didn’t know any English. When it was time to go to school,  I had to adapt myself to learning a new language by myself since my mother didn’t know the language either. I learned  quickly, with the help of my bilingual kindergarten teacher, who also helped my mom.

Even though I am only a part of the Rodel team for a short time, I am excited to research English learner students in Delaware and listen to stories from other EL students. I will also complete research on other topics in education, such as school funding and early learning. I know that Rodel will be a new challenge for me (which is a good thing, because I sure do love challenges!), and will push me further along in my educational journey.

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