November 4, 2014

November 4th, 2014

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Local News

WHYY NewsWorks
The legacy of Moyer Academy on Delaware education
A commentary by John Watson, Radio Talk Show Host
They are doing it again. In spite of those of us who gave good reasons why it should not happen, Mark Murphy, Secretary of Education and the State Board of Education , following the recommendations of the Department of Education Charter School Accountability Committee, voted to revoke, the charter of Moyer Academic Institute. By calling for Moyer to close its doors after this school year, officials are ignoring the facts that Moyer students are improving under the new leadership of Keenan Dorsey, the school principal.

Delaware State News
Applications sought for IRSD’s Spanish immersion programs
Applications are being accepted from parents who wish to enroll their children in Spanish immersion programs at John M. Clayton and East Millsboro elementary schools in 2015-2016. Only kindergarten students will be accepted into the program next year.

The News Journal
Schools are lacking resources
A letter to the editor by John R. Newman, Wilmington
I have been a mentor at Highlands School for several years, and from my personal observation, the problem is not the principal and teachers but a failure to provide them the resources they need to succeed. I have observed one teacher and about 30 students in a computer class and other classrooms. Common sense would suggest a reduction in classroom size would greatly improve the education of the students.

Providence Creek Academy parents air concerns over school safety
Providence Creek Academy gathered parents Monday night to address concerns regarding a potential arson threat to the school and other issues at the Clayton charter school. The threat allegedly came from the school’s former IT director, who was forced to resign last week. Since the threat was overheard by a third party, Clayton police chief Brian Hill determined it was not viable enough to shut down the school.

National News

Education Week
District’s ambitious personalized learning effort shows progress
The schoolwide personalized learning effort has transformed instruction at Whittemore Park, boosting test scores, student engagement, and teacher attendance. Now, much of the 42,000-student Horry County district is attempting to follow suit through the district’s Personalized Digital Learning initiative, though without some of the supports that Whittemore Park has enjoyed.

Rhode Islanders asked to help with education plan
Education officials are asking Rhode Islanders to help develop a strategic plan for elementary and secondary education. The Board of Education, the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education and the Rhode Island Department of Education say the goal is to have a statewide vision for public education in Rhode Island through 2020.

The Washington Times
Voucher student performance better, but still lags
Performance is improving a bit for Louisiana students attending private schools at taxpayer expense, but only about 44 percent of those students have reached a “basic” achievement level.

The Kansas City Star
Ala. students, teachers adjust to iPad initiative
Students, teachers and administrators are negotiating the learning curve involved with an ambitious iPad initiative launched by an Alabama city school system.

East Valley Tribune
Arizona State Board of Education slects AzMerit as new standardized test
Arizona education officials awarded a $19 million contract Monday for a new set of standardized tests that students will start taking this spring.

The Journal
The 3 most common practices in school turnaround efforts
The use of data to personalize instruction and increasing technology access for teachers or the use of computer instruction are two of the most common practices adopted by low-performing schools in a turnaround situation.

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