Opportunity for Communities to Improve Kindergarten Readiness

August 21st, 2013

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The Delaware Office of Early Learning (OEL), in cooperation with its managing partner, the Delaware Early Childhood Center (DECC), is seeking applications for participation in its new place-based strategy, Delaware Readiness Teams (DEL Teams). DEL Teams is a state-wide initiative that offers a unique opportunity for communities to build strong and reciprocal linkages between early care and education programs and K-12 schools and to support young children’s readiness for school and for life. The teams promote a community approach to readiness that includes children’s health, learning and development, early learning programs’ and schools’ connections, family engagement, and the provision of family resources and services as a model that best prepares children for school success.

In May 2013, the first fifteen teams were announced; to see where these teams are located, click here. To build additional teams, communities are invited to apply for technical assistance to initiate Delaware Readiness Teams that bring together representatives from those agencies serving young children, birth to age 8, and their families to strengthen partnerships and collaborations to support and enhance strategies for students’ school readiness and success. Applications are due on September 6, 2013. To view the application, click here.

For more information, click here, or if you have questions, please contact: Daphne Evans, Lead Facilitator for Delaware Readiness Teams 302-480-3873 or dyevans@lf.k12.de.us.


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