Partnership Zone School Profile: Glasgow High School

September 13th, 2010

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Partnership Zone School Profile: Glasgow High School

Glasgow High School, the second school chosen from Christina School District to join
the Partnership Zone, sits in the suburbs of Newark and serves students in grades 9-12
that predominately come from the Bear/Glasgow or Wilmington area.  During the 2009-
2010 school year, Glasgow enrolled 1,107 students with a slight majority being both
minority and low-income. 

Based upon 2010 DSTP scores, Glasgow High School students:
• Demonstrated the lowest proficiency averages statewide on both the ELA and
 mathematics portions of DSTP compared to other district public schools (Moyer and
 Positive Outcomes were the only other schools that performed worse, but are charter
 schools); and
• Performed worse on DSTP compared to other schools in Christina School District
 that serve somewhat similar populations (Christiana and Newark High Schools,
 which still underperform compared to other schools throughout the state).

Glasgow High School has failed to make AYP for seven consecutive years and is
currently under Academic Watch by the Delaware Department of Education.  In addition,
Glasgow became a Title I declared school in 2009, even though they did not see a drastic
change in their student population.

As stated before, Glasgow High School has been presented an incredible opportunity to
address lagging student achievement that pervades the campus.  The Partnership Zone
Initiative should bring together all stakeholders-from students, parents, teachers, campus
staff, and other community members-to address critical issues, such as student
proficiency rates, campus graduation rates, and college enrollment rates, particularly
among Hispanic and African-American students.

As also stated before, all stakeholders are encouraged to attend the Christina School
Board meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 7:30 p.m. at Bayard Middle School.
This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and contribute to the incredible, yet
difficult, efforts underway to turnaround Glasgow High School.   

This blog is the second part of a four part series detailing the four schools that have been
chosen for the Partnership Zone Initiative. Read the first part on here.

Brett Turner



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